SHADOWME is the first usercontrolled smartphone-based personal security system. When you need assistance or help this application will automatically contact the people and organisations you designate thereby dramatically increasing response time to your situation anytime, anywhere!

With SHADOWME you have protection wherever and whenever you need it. Think of it as your own personal security system.

"With SHADOWME on my phone I feel safe to go out anytime to visit my friends, work late in the library or play sports after school. It's easy to use, all of my friends use it, and best of all it's FREE!"

When out and about - say you're walking home at night - you can enter in your departure location and intended arrival location and enter an estimated time for arrival. The app will alert you at that time and ask you to confirm that you have arrived safely. If you don't respond after two alerts the app will notify head office to call your pre-registered emergency contact.

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